Pilot Medical Reform Proposal 2022

he Australian General Aviation Alliance (AGAA) is seeking the introduction of new self-declaration pilot medical certification standard (detailed in Table 1 of this document) for Recreational Pilot License and Private Pilot License holders, along with key reforms to existing Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Class 2 Basic and Class 2 certification standards to safely unlock general aviation participation and growth.


The reforms that AGAA is seeking, have been implemented by aviation safety regulators in the United States of America (US) and the United Kingdom (UK), and across the past five (5) years have proven to be a safe method of pilot medical certification.  Both regulators based their reforms on the use of conditional private vehicle motor car license medical standard, with options for both self-declaration and General Practitioner assessment certification.

In the US, the FAA BasicMed pilot medical certification is widely regarded as one of the most successful aviation regulatory reforms in modern history, with over 66,000 pilots now accessing flying through this standard, with no demonstrated negative impact on aviation safety.  The UK reforms mirror the success of those delivered in the US and have opened up their local general aviation industry to growth.

In summary, recreational/private pilots in both the US and UK who use either a self-declaration or General Practitioner assessed medical certification standards;

  1. must meet the medical fitness requirements of the ‘conditional’ private motor vehicle license standard
  2. can fly both single and multi-engine aircraft
  3. can fly aircraft weighing up to 5700 kg
  4. can participate in both VFR and IFR operations
  5. can carry up to a maximum of six (6) passengers
  6. can participate in aerobatic flight

The US now has in excess of 66,000 private pilots accessing aviation through BasicMed, with pilots participating in VFR and IFR operations in aircraft ranging between recreational light sport, experimental/amateur-built, general aviation certified singles and twins, helicopters, gyrocopters, warbirds and more.

AGAA regards both the introduction of a new self-declaration pilot medical certification standard and the reform of the CASA Basic Class 2 standard as a powerful gateway for the industry to sustain itself, reducing the regulatory burdens and costs currently imposed on the private general aviation sectors.  Such reform would make aviation more accessible nationwide, with strong benefits to pilots and aviation users throughout regional Australia, driving growth back into Australia’s ailing general aviation sectors.

Importantly, the introduction of a new self-declaration pilot medical certification standard and a reformed Basic Class 2 medical certification by CASA would deliver safe deregulation that is in alignment with the Minister’s Statement of Expectations and the Government’s broader deregulation agenda.


 – Australian General Aviation Alliance


This is a watershed moment for Australian GA.  Please show your support for change, by attending in person.

Your AGAA team have lobbied tirelessly with other Industry groups to get changes to pilot medical.  CASA have been fiddling for 6 years on this single issue and only now are CASA beginning to “start a process for change”.  Their timetable is likely to be late 2023 before it’s achieved.  Voice your concern and listen to how Senator Rex Patrick proposes we get change.

We need your support.

You’re invited.



Hosted by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia
Sunday, 1st May 2022: Commencing 11:00am – Bankstown Airport NSW.

Attention Australian Aviation Industry Participants,

I warmly invite you all to attend my MAY DAY EVENT hosted by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia, kicking off from 11am on Sunday 1st May 2022, at:

AOPA Australia Headquarters
Hangar 120, 10 Stinson Crescent
Bankstown Airport NSW 2200

General aviation is in crisis and is but a shadow of the aviation industry it once was. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is largely responsible for what has been a death by a thousand cuts.

Over the past 20 years the Parliament has held inquiry after inquiry, with the feedback from industry remaining consistent throughout. Despite the unified pleas for change, CASA have wrought havoc on the aviation industry, forcing a never-ending parade of regulatory change that has destroyed businesses, reduced industry competitiveness, and dramatically undermined the sustainability of small to medium sized aviation.

The Parliament reacted to the decline when it passed the Civil Aviation Amendment Bill 2019. This Bill sought to ensure that in developing and promulgating aviation safety standards, CASA must consider the economic and cost impacts on individuals, businesses, and the community.

Sadly, little seems to have changed.

The Parliamentary ‘nutcracker’ doesn’t seem to have cracked the over-regulation walnut, so it is now time to reach for the Sledgehammer.

Having worked tirelessly with industry and having watched things go from a cautionary PAN PAN to an outright emergency MAYDAY, I am ready to answer the call on Sunday 1st May, where I will propose a powerful sledgehammer that can be used to finally sort things out so that general aviation may recover and thrive.

Come take part on Sunday 1st May (from 11am). I am very much looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible, with a lunch-time BBQ and refreshments for participants.


South Australian Senator

Chief Executive, AOPA Australia 

Mobile: 0415 577 724
Email: ben.morgan@aopa.com.au


To assist with event catering and equipment hire, participants are encouraged to register their attendance, by emailing: ben.morgan@aopa.com.au


Commencing 11am, Sunday 1st May 2022 – AOPA Australia Headquarters (FalconAir Hangar)
Hangar 120, 10 Stinson Crescent, Bankstown Airport NSW 22200, Australia.


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Save the Date

15-17 September 2022

We are planning to hold Ausfly at Narromine again this year.

It is early days at the moment and the program is currently being compiled and coordinated with the relevant stakeholders.

After the last couple of years of COVID lockdowns and flying restrictions, we feel it is a perfect time to bring our SAAA members and friends together for a casual gathering.

We will advise further details as planning progresses.  For more updates go to www.ausfly.com.au

Ausfly 2021 – Cancelled

This morning the Ausfly Stakeholders consisting of AOPA, Narromine Shire Council, Narromine Aeroclub and SAAA met to discuss the current pandemic situation in New South Wales and around the country.

Due to the restrictions in NSW imposed at this time, and the ongoing increase in case numbers, we are unable to hold our Ausfly event and we made the decision to cancel.

With the uncertainty within each state and the different restrictions, we understand that attendees to Ausfly would possibly be concerned about whether they can return home, especially if a snap lockdown is imposed by their home state.

Our priority is to keep everyone safe.

We will continue to monitor the COVID situation and as soon as we know we can hold Ausfly with the confidence of not cancelling again, we will let you know.

Stay safe.

The Ausfly Team

Thank you to our Sponsors for Supporting AusFly 2019

The team at Ausfly have been overwhelmed at the amazing support that they have received for this years event.  A big THANK YOU to all our sponsors.

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