Come and celebrate Cessna 150’s 60th Anniversary at AusFly 2019

Founder Clyde Cessna built his first airplane in 1911 and taught himself to fly it! He went on to build a number of innovative airplanes, including several racings and award winning designs. In 1934, Clyde’s nephew, Dwane Wallace, fresh out of college, took over as head of the company. During the depression years Dwane acted as everything from floor sweeper to CEO, even personally flying company planes in air races (several of which he won!) Under Wallace’s leadership, the Cessna Aircraft Company eventually became the most successful general aviation company of all time.

 In 1957 the company decided there was a market for a tri-geared version of the Model 140. Following their standard tailwheel/tricycle naming convention, Cessna named the new airplane the Cessna 142. Six days later, for reasons now unknown, the airplane was renamed the Cessna 150. A total of 683 C150’s were built between 1957 and 1959, all were sold as 1959 models.

 This year Cessna 150 celebrates 60 years 1959 – 2019.

At AusFly 2019 we would like to celebrate with a line-up of Cessna 150’s.  Please contact us at if you can join us and be a part of this celebration.

AusFly 2019 – Registrations for Exhibitors and Sponsors are now open!

The AusFly Team invites all aviation product and service provider companies to join us as a Sponsor and Exhibitor and participate in AusFly 2019 – All Aviators Under One Sky.

Help us to help you leverage the power of your business!  As an Exhibitor and Sponsor, you will have the opportunity to increase the profile of your business to individuals and organisations in the aviation industry and beyond.  AusFly is a great platform for you to market your business and create awareness at a relaxed, positive and vibrant event.  AusFly will continue grow and we would really like you to come aboard.

The Exhibition space will be set up “village style” on and around the hard stand in front of the Narromine Airport club buildings and museum.  You can BYO or we can organise your structure for you.  All the details are on our website here

The entire event is operated on a not for profit basis, put together by volunteers and with the support of Australian aviation industry supporters.  The success of the event is to a very great extent reliant on the generosity of those who are able to offer a financial or in-kind contribution to the event.

There are four levels of sponsorship available to you:

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Please refer to our Sponsorship Package for full details.

We are, however, flexible and if there are other solutions that you would like to suggest, please call us.

AusFly 2019 – Registrations for Exhibitors and Sponsors are now open!Thank you in anticipation for your generosity and commitment to the event and sport aviation!

SAAA ends consideration of migrating into a Pt 149 environment

Effective 15thJuly 2019, CASA gazetted an important milestone for the Australian sport aviation community – “Sport and recreational rules milestone – Part 149 commences”. The announcement is provided below in full.

The question no doubt for many aviators, and especially SAAA members, will be – “So what is SAAA doing about Part 149?“

The simple answer to this question is “Nothing, for the foreseeable future”.

This follows a communication to SAAA from CASA on 2ndJuly 2019 “ Part 149 does not contain any functions that SAAA would administer, it would subsequently not be possible for the SAAA to transition from its current role to becoming an Approved Self-administering Aviation Organisation (ASAO) under Part 149.“  This is of course in the context of Part 149 and the related Manual of Standards as they presently exist.

As most members of the sport aviation community will know, SAAA has been a member of the group of nine Australian Sport Aircraft Organisations (SAOs) engaged with CASA on the Part 149 process. SAAA has long been concerned over the relevance of Pt 149 to its Members who represent only a part of the VH registered Experimental Amateur Built (EAB) fleet and its Part 61 licenced pilots whose medicals are also administered by CASA. SAAA has also been especially concerned over many issues, the most significant of which have been around:

– Transfer of regulatory responsibilities from CASA to SAOs with no attendant transfer of funding

– The imposition of “strict liability provisions”

– The understanding that SAAA members’ current exemptions would at best be frozen in time if SAAA did not migrate to Part 149, thus hindering opportunities for further development of safety outcome improvements, and

– The fate of VH EAB aircraft and their pilots was unknown

SAAA remains unconvinced of the merits of Part 149 being relevant to or able to offer improved safety outcomes for the Australian VH EAB fleet and its pilots.

SAAA had commenced a process in late 2016 to re-build from the ground up a system of governance as a “matter of good business”. At that time, and whilst the advent of Part 149 had been heralded to be imminent after 20 or so years in the making, SAAA elected to keep its options open and worked with CASA to ensure that the development of the new system of governance (policies and procedures covering all technical, administrative and financial functions of the SAAA) was developed in a form that would enable a relatively straight forward migration to a Part 149 environment – should that be SAAA’s decision.  SAAA appreciates CASA’s support and guidance in developing our system of governance – our documentation was reviewed on three occasions over the course of 2017 and 2018. Progress at the time of the publication of SAAA’s Exposition was considered by CASA to be words to effect “on track and 90% of the way to meeting the requirements for the SAAA’s migration to a Part 149” (as it was understood at that time).

The recent advice from CASA (that Part 149 does not contain a pathway for the SAAA and its Members with VH registered EAB aircraft and its pilots) does not change SAAA’s commitment to its new system of governance. This is simply good business and will stand SAAA in good stead for many years to come.

At the CASA Sport Aviation Safety Forum held in Brisbane in 2017, CASA sought input from SAOs around challenges they faced in improving safety outcomes. SAAA expressed the view that the need for type transition training was becoming increasingly more important with the increasing variety and numbers of aircraft with ever increasing performance coming on to the scene.

SAAA since worked with CASA over the last few years to bring SAAA’s new Flight Training and Safety program online – and are grateful for CASA’s support in particular with developing a syllabus for type transition training and a mechanism for experienced SAAA pilots to deliver this specific flight training to SAAA Members. We are confident this program will go a long way towards mitigating accidents that have pilot techniques, which are insufficiently developed or current, as their root cause.

SAAA, now continuing its operations outside of the Part 149 environment, looks forward to working with CASA as it has done in the past to deliver further safety outcome improvements to its Members and the VH EAB fleet and pilots generally.

In respect of all VH registered EAB aircraft and their pilots – irrespective of membership of the SAAA, the functions of aircraft registration, airworthiness, pilot licensing and pilot medicals are administered by CASA. The SAAA focuses on assisting its members to comply with the Civil Aviation Act and on facilitating learning and actions to improve Member safety outcomes.

The SAAA is a group of aviation enthusiasts assisting each other to build, maintain and operate sport aircraft. We educate members to continuously improve safety outcomes.

Plan Wise – Build Well – Fly Safe!

CASA publication issued 15th July 2019:

Sport and recreational rules milestone – Part 149 commences

The regulation of sport and recreational aviation passed an important milestone on 14 July – with the commencement of the first aviation regulation specifically designed for the sector.

Part 149 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR) introduces a broad and flexible regulatory framework for sport and recreational organisations who administer certain aviation activities.

Sport and recreational aviation self-administration has existed in Australia operating under a range of regulatory exemptions, going back, in some cases for more than 60 years.

For the first time, the regulations now recognise those organisations who administer sport and recreational aviation and approved organisations will be issued with a Part 149 Approved Self-Administering Organisation (ASAO) Certificate from CASA.

CASA will begin assessing transition applications for Part 149 Certificates in the coming weeks, with two organisations advising they are nearing completion of their exposition.

For further information:

Any questions:

AusFly 2019 Has Three New Major Sponsors

AusFly 2019 has three new major sponsors on board – Inland Petroleum, QBE Aviation and Screaming Diamonds as Platinum Sponsors. Thank you so much for your support!

Inland Petroleum

Paul McCallum of Inland Petroleum will be providing a substantial quantity of fuel for the air display. We ask aviators flying-in to the event to indicate their appreciation and vote of thanks by making use of the Narromine Airport refueling facilities operated by Inland Petroleum – if you are able to fill your tanks to tops, please go for it!

QBE Aviation

QBE Aviation are providing the event insurance – a terrific contribution that QBE have provided to AusFly for many years. They will have representatives at AusFly, so please take the opportunity to say “Thanks and G’day” and perhaps talk about insurance for your aircraft.

Screaming Diamonds

The Screaming Diamonds – aka. Michael Jones and Adrian van Der Sluys – are doing the honours to plan and co-ordinate the air display and manage the paperwork side of things. These guys will also be flying in the display and no doubt wow the crowd in their machines again this year.   

AusFly 2019 – All Aviators Under One Sky! Registrations Opening Soon

Update – planning is now running full steam ahead. Just over 4 months to run to AusFly 2019!

Registrations will be opening soon; and these will also be asking for you to select which of the social functions you wish to attend – this will be important for our planning.

We are also working to build an amazing seminar and workshop program, a static aircraft display and flight display. We will again be focussing on introducing the younger generation to aviation. To help all this work, we need your help:

  • Offering seminars
  • Aircraft for the static display or flight display
  • Ground marshalling
  • Guides to show visitors around the event.

A few hours goes a long way and will be greatly appreciated!

Please contact:
Tony White:   or

Russell Ford:

The organising team extends a huge thank you to all those who have already put their hands up to contribute to making AusFly 2019 a success.

Find more event information here or at the AusFly website.

Aviators – if you haven’t done so already, pencil the dates for AusFly 2019 into your diaries now!

Meanwhile – look out for more bulletins as the event develops.

AGAA is growing and we welcome HGFA as our newest member!

We warmly welcome HGFA, the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia to AGAA

The Australian General Aviation Alliance, AGAA, started out in early 2018 with three founding members – AOPA, SAAA and AMROBA.

Our organisation is growing steadily and is now home to 17 Australian aviation organisations representing almost 15,000 pilots, aircraft owners, maintainers, businesses and airports.

AusFly 2019 – All Aviators Under One Sky!

The dates are set!

17th – 20th October 2019

The success of AusFly 2018 was plain for all to see.  A phenomenal demonstration our great Australian general aviation community and spirit at work – it ticked all the boxes – fun, relaxing, community spirit, catching up with friends, aviators from all quarters, learning, and flying.

AGAA as part of the organising team extends a huge thank you to all the committed determined individuals and organisations who generously gave their time and aircraft to pull the event together, run the event, made monetary contributions and contributions in kind – and last but not least, to all those aviators who attended, without whom, we would not have an event.

Bottom line – AusFly is back and here to stay!

AusFly 2019 will be held at Narromine Airport 17 – 20 October 2019!!

Planning has already begun, the airport is now booked, bookings for functions are being made, and aviators are already booking their accommodation.

Aviators – pencil these dates for AusFly 2019 into your diaries now!

AGAA is proud to support AusFly 2019.  We encourage our growing number of organisations and their members to come along, and join in the spirit and fun next October.

Meanwhile – look out for bulletins early next year as we begin the planning process.

AusFly 2018 – What people said ….and how it was!

AusFly 2018 was well attended with aircraft, aviators and members of the public arriving in members that exceeded expectations.  Arrival day was meant to be Thursday, but aircraft were flying in and parking up by the Wednesday evening.

Here’s some of what people had to say:

“Thank you to you and your team for putting on such a great show.  I had a terrific time and met some great people.”

“…. this event was undertaken in the true spirit of an Australian Fly-in and genuinely encapsulated the spirit of ALL aviations under one sky…….  There was a genuine sense of unity and deference at the event…. It was really heartening to be a part of this spirit.”

“…thank you for all your efforts on the weekend at the AusFly with everything you organised along with everyone else. The event was along the lines of early events held thru the 60, 70, 80 90’s and had quite a relaxed feel to it without all the regulations and expense……”

“On behalf of the entire air display team we would like to extend our gratitude for having us all at Ausfly 2018…. We look forward to getting everyone involved next year as we grow this event.”

“The idea of going back to a more grass roots style fly-in was a complete success; everyone I spoke to was having a ball.”

“It was a really good fun weekend, I think enjoyed by all. Well done guys.”

“We have been receiving compliments all day from members who had a fantastic time.”

“What a fabulous weekend at Ausfly this year!”

“There was a palpable zap to the air”

“Congratulations to all who made it to Narromine; sleeping in tents, motels, b&b’s and generally hanging out. I see the true value of this event.”