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“Promoting & Protecting your Freedom to Fly”

AOPA, SAAA and AMROBA came together to form the Australian General Aviation Alliance, AGAA, in January 2018.

AGAA has been established with focus areas of:

  • Growth – Community Engagement, Youth Engagement, Job Opportunity Development
  • Safety – Training and Awareness
  • Advocacy – Rules and Regulations

We will also work together to establish and share infrastructure and services in the mutual interest of the members of all participating organisations – this will include operating national events and joint funding of common initiatives. We will operate with an ethos of respect for each others’ brands and independence, and not seek to derive direct commercial gain by virtue of participation in AGAA.

We invite other Australian Member Organisations, Clubs and industry supporters to join AGAA. AGAA has no intentions to act in competition with other aviation associations, alliances and forums – rather it aims to work in tandem with and compliment the endeavours of others to reinvigorate the scope and spirit of Australian general aviation.