Calling all Young Aviators

Ausfly 2019 starts on the 17th October

If you are a young aviator we have plenty for you!

Are you 15-25 years old? Thinking about flying as a career?  Want to find out more?

On Friday 18th October we have a program for schools and young aviators.  With tours, talks from the Royal Flying Doctor Service, SAAA and RAF.  This commences at 11.00 hrs local time.

We will also have our own dedicated Young Aviator Zone where you can go for a flight with one of members and talk to our team on how to be a part of aviation.  Pick up information whilst you are there.  We have Ace Aviation on board with their drone display and they can advise you how to become a drone pilot, along with AOPA’s flight simulators.

Come and join in the fun and soak up the atmosphere of all aviators under one sky

AusFly 2019 – Meet our Pilots

We are pleased to advise that we have two amazing pilots that are a part of our air display this year.

Gary Weeks is the owner and builder of his VH-ZYA is a Lancair Legacy RG.  It is a two-seat high performance Carbon Fibre, quick build kit from Lancair.  The Lancair Legacy was the aeroplane that started the Sport Class at Reno. That is why you see lots of Legacy’s in the Sport and Super Sport class at Reno. It has a new double tapper Greg Cole wing designed to improve low speed handling and still provide high speed cruise.

Gary’s display will include a number of high-speed passes and a combination of gentle aerobatics.

AusFly 2019 Air Display

With just four weeks to go, the air display at AusFly is just being finalised.  Michael Jones and Adrian van der Sluys have organised a fantastic display for us – thank you!  Here is the line up:

  • Screaming Diamonds
  • Stooges
  • Andrew Temby – Yak 52
  • Oz – Stol
  • Gary Weeks  – Lancair
  • Don Gordon – Titan Mustang
  • Jock Falon – Aerobatics Bonanza
  • Ben Lappin – Decathlon
  • Gerard Lappin – Aerobatic Cessna 150
  • Grant Piper – Giles Unlimited Aerobatic

Aircraft availability is not always certain due to a number of factors which can include operations, weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

  • practice Friday 18th October 5 pm
  • main display Saturday 19th 2.30 pm

For the latest information on the air display see the Event Program.

Come and celebrate Cessna 150’s 60th Anniversary at AusFly 2019

Founder Clyde Cessna built his first airplane in 1911 and taught himself to fly it! He went on to build a number of innovative airplanes, including several racings and award winning designs. In 1934, Clyde’s nephew, Dwane Wallace, fresh out of college, took over as head of the company. During the depression years Dwane acted as everything from floor sweeper to CEO, even personally flying company planes in air races (several of which he won!) Under Wallace’s leadership, the Cessna Aircraft Company eventually became the most successful general aviation company of all time.

 In 1957 the company decided there was a market for a tri-geared version of the Model 140. Following their standard tailwheel/tricycle naming convention, Cessna named the new airplane the Cessna 142. Six days later, for reasons now unknown, the airplane was renamed the Cessna 150. A total of 683 C150’s were built between 1957 and 1959, all were sold as 1959 models.

 This year Cessna 150 celebrates 60 years 1959 – 2019.

At AusFly 2019 we would like to celebrate with a line-up of Cessna 150’s.  Please contact us at if you can join us and be a part of this celebration.

AusFly 2019 – Registrations for Exhibitors and Sponsors are now open!

The AusFly Team invites all aviation product and service provider companies to join us as a Sponsor and Exhibitor and participate in AusFly 2019 – All Aviators Under One Sky.

Help us to help you leverage the power of your business!  As an Exhibitor and Sponsor, you will have the opportunity to increase the profile of your business to individuals and organisations in the aviation industry and beyond.  AusFly is a great platform for you to market your business and create awareness at a relaxed, positive and vibrant event.  AusFly will continue grow and we would really like you to come aboard.

The Exhibition space will be set up “village style” on and around the hard stand in front of the Narromine Airport club buildings and museum.  You can BYO or we can organise your structure for you.  All the details are on our website here

The entire event is operated on a not for profit basis, put together by volunteers and with the support of Australian aviation industry supporters.  The success of the event is to a very great extent reliant on the generosity of those who are able to offer a financial or in-kind contribution to the event.

There are four levels of sponsorship available to you:

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Please refer to our Sponsorship Package for full details.

We are, however, flexible and if there are other solutions that you would like to suggest, please call us.

AusFly 2019 – Registrations for Exhibitors and Sponsors are now open!Thank you in anticipation for your generosity and commitment to the event and sport aviation!

AusFly 2019 Has Three New Major Sponsors

AusFly 2019 has three new major sponsors on board – Inland Petroleum, QBE Aviation and Screaming Diamonds as Platinum Sponsors. Thank you so much for your support!

Inland Petroleum

Paul McCallum of Inland Petroleum will be providing a substantial quantity of fuel for the air display. We ask aviators flying-in to the event to indicate their appreciation and vote of thanks by making use of the Narromine Airport refueling facilities operated by Inland Petroleum – if you are able to fill your tanks to tops, please go for it!

QBE Aviation

QBE Aviation are providing the event insurance – a terrific contribution that QBE have provided to AusFly for many years. They will have representatives at AusFly, so please take the opportunity to say “Thanks and G’day” and perhaps talk about insurance for your aircraft.

Screaming Diamonds

The Screaming Diamonds – aka. Michael Jones and Adrian van Der Sluys – are doing the honours to plan and co-ordinate the air display and manage the paperwork side of things. These guys will also be flying in the display and no doubt wow the crowd in their machines again this year.